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28th February 2023 at 7 pm GMT

Find out why fermented foods and drinks have been making a comeback in recent years at this 2-hour fermenting for gut health workshop.

The beneficial microorganisms they contain help support the health of our microbiome and benefit our digestion, immune system, brain health and much more. Beyond providing beneficial bacteria, the fermentation process can increase food digestibility, making nutrients easier to absorb.

At least 40% of the UK population suffers from digestive issues but poor gut health has far wider consequences on your health and can negatively influence your weight, sleep, mood, energy levels, immunity and more.

Learn more about how your diet influences your well-being and how consuming fermented foods helps you naturally improve your gut health. The healthy probiotics they contain support the microbial community in your digestive tract and promote better gut health.

Benefits of Fermenting

  • Improve your digestion
  • Promote immune function
  • Support brain and heart health
  • Aid weight management
  • Increase nutrient absorption
  • Improve mood and brain activity

Available Online and In-Person

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Expert tuition in fermenting and gut heatlh
  • Explore the role of digestion and the function of the gut
  • Understand more about common gut disorders and digestive symptoms
  • Discover the world of microbes within us in the gut and the role they play in our health and wellbeing
  • Receive guidance on what you can do to support your gut health
  • Learn what fermenting is and why we ferment
  • Understand the science of fermenting, environmental requirements and risks to be aware of
  • Enjoy a fermenting demonstration and have the opportunity to ask questions about the process
  • Gain access to the workshop recording after the event
  • Receive an invitation to a private Facebook group for ongoing support

In this 2-hour fermenting for gut health workshop, Nikkie shares her extensive knowledge of fermenting and gut health, teaching you the reasons why we ferment, how fermented foods benefit your gut health and the science behind fermenting and demonstrates the steps involved in creating the perfect ferment.

Food fermentation is the process of creating food or changing the properties of food using microbes

Your Instructor

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My name is Nikkie Windsor and I am passionate about gut health having lived with Crohn’s disease and IBS for over 35 years.

I’ve spent the past 15 years exploring the role that diet, lifestyle and mindset play in digestive health mostly in the jungle of Costa Rica and have successfully managed my gut health naturally for nearly 10 years. In 2014 I founded Jungle Goddess and started producing fermented foods and drinks for sale locally, quickly expanding my range of products into ‘free-from’ foods to help people with food intolerances. I ran fermented workshops and helped guide people with gut health problems and food intolerances until returning to the UK in 2019 and establishing Jungle Goddess Gut Health UK.

Since being certified I help people who find living with chronic digestive issues tough, isolating and life-limiting discover a more free, liberating, and positive life outside of chronic illness.

With my depth of experience in gut health, I train and support other nutritional and health professionals to better support their clients with gut-related problems.

I am a Certified Nutritionist, Health Coach, Yoga Breathing Coach, gut health expert and fermentation specialist accredited by the UK & International Health Coach Association.


“The fermentation workshop I took yesterday was outstanding! I am a true novice and Nikkie made the class understandable to me but clearly covered everything that those with more experience needed to know as well.”

– Jana Stotler


Nikkie ” is obviously passionate about what she does which makes the workshop even more enjoyable and educational.”

Christopher T Wunderlich


“Our class was able to taste many fermented items. They were super yummy and gave me some new ideas about how many options are out there.”

Jody Rutledge

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