Let me help you align culinary wellness concepts with positive lifestyle habits to support physical and mental wellbeing in  order to fulfil your wellness goals


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My passion is to take people on a journey of discovery by igniting desire and teaching health conscious people to embrace an exciting relationship with food and livingI have evolved from 11 years lived experience to create a culinary wellness lifestyle to manage health issues and improve general wellbeing. 

More and more people desire to change their eating habits but are not really sure how to go about it. Whether it be for general wellbeing or to investigate whether a change in eating habits can help alleviate symptoms of illness, people are reaching out in search of dietary and lifestyle changes to improve and support their health. 

I will help you to align culinary wellness concepts with a healthy fitness regime and wellbeing of the mind to create healthier eating and lifestyle habits to fulfil your wellness goals. 

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My Name is Nikkie

and I want to share with you my journey to health and wellbeing via a rather unusual path.  

For the majority of my life, eating has held little lasting enjoyment for me. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 15 and have been struggling with the debilitating symptoms of this disease for most of my life. For the first 22 years I put my faith into the health system and followed their recommendations for treatment. This involved many drugs; steroids, pain killers, immune system suppressors and eventually major surgery. Unfortunately stress is a major trigger in Crohn’s disease and the stress of my senior position in corporate IT proved too much for me.  

In 2008 at a particularly low point in the life of this disease I decided to take a career break. Amazingly enough, even while still suffering with symptoms I chose to embark on a yearlong trip travelling through the Americas. This trip turned into an 11-year immersion in the jungle of Costa Rica and on a journey of discovery into who am I, what my purpose in life is and how to alleviate health issues in a natural and holistic way. 

I founded Jungle Goddess in 2014 from the growing need and demand in the community for healthy, natural and holistic dietary aids for gut health management and general wellbeing. Jungle Goddess sold a range of fermented foods and drinks in the local community and in 2019 launched a number of workshops for people wanting to empower themselves with the knowledge to embrace a healthier lifestyle. 

I relocated back to England in December 2019 and have consolidated my years of experience and study in massage, diet, medicinal plants, essential oils, energy healing and lifestyle adaptations to offer a my services as a wellness coach to inspire others to find their own ‘healing jungle’ within themselves. 

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